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A love letter about how much God loves each and every child! This baby board book celebrates what makes each and every child special, unique, and amazing! A must have for families who love God and are getting their child dedicated or baptized soon!

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The Girl with the Messy Hair

After being laughed at by her classmates for her curly hair, Ayla is desperate to blend in with the rest of the kids in class. Ayla devises a plan to take her hair from curly to straight in this kid logic, and hilarious early reader chapter book!


ARI the Brave and the magic dream fairy

When Ari starts having nightmares, he declares to stay awake forever. His sister teaches him about Magic Dream Fairies, and his nightmares suddenly turn into silly adventures! Chased by a roaring dinosaur and swallowed by a volcano, can Ari's Magic Dream Fairy save the night? 

LittleDigger-cover-mock-up 2.jpg

Little Digger's big garden


Little Digger is here to reconstruct our approach to kids nutrition! Join him as he and his friends work together to try something new. 

This book is great for kids with sensory processing challenges who experience difficulties with textures and tastes of food.